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Good morning, I am looking to find a vendor for some transformer hardware. I need to replace he round head flat blade screws and the paper sleeves on an output transformer. Thought maybe you would know where they could be had.


william vogel
william vogel
The screws depending on how correct of a look, are available online from different hardware dealers. The paper sleeves are impossible. I’d recommend calling Heyboer transformers. Ask for Phil. He might be able to sell you the hardware. He wouldn’t sell me the bell covers but the hardware, maybe.
Great, thanks!
Hi Derek how are you doing? I've been working on new songs for an upcoming album and I wanted to see if you'll take a listen? I'm using my BE-100 and Charvel guitar, it's rock/hard rock instrumental "Much Appreciated!" thank you.....
Derek S
Derek S
I'm hanging in there man, thanks. Great track, very melodic (I luv that). Interesting that you mentioned it's the BE, I started the tune and minimized it (at work) and while listening my first thought was "damn, I sometimes forget how cool the SLO sounds, coulda swore it was the lead amp here!
Hello again Derek, since you mentioned the SLO here's a song featuring the lead-channel.
Hello Neikeel,
I am not sure whether in my desperation to find a RS OT for my 1974 I already have asked you (if so I apologize), but: you had mentioned that you had a couple of original RS spares lying around. Would you sell one to me? Thanks, JM
Sorry, the spares went a few months ago, the other two I have are in amps and working well
Good luck in your searcn
If one crops up I will let you know.
I have the dimensions of the 1960A cabinet. Here is a link to the PDF. Cabinet PDF
Thanks, but I'm unable to open the file. I'm currently building a 1936 copy,. 1960 might be in the future, some time.
Hi Kenny,

I have seen this and contacted you a few years ago ~ has it been 5 ? I would love to see some more detailed pics of the transformers , bottom of the amp, list of what is changed / real / lashed up ? etc....if you still have the amp.

Thanks again, Tom
Kenny Brooks
Hey Tom,

I’m about to head out of town til the 1st. Send me an email and I’ll send you all the photos I have. Also be glad to FaceTime and show you anything on the amp live over video when I get back.

Completed rebuilding the CRATE VC3112 - finally I hope got it right.
Avatar re-cab and extension cabs completed for the JTM 30. Using Greenbacks a 10" and a 12" in each enclosure so a 210x212 split.
Working on a handwire Fender DRRI
About 50 pedals and counting
I need to remove the letter x in my last name , I must of fat fingered it when I created the profile . The correct spelling is Price , it appears I do not have, read / right permissions, in my account to make this change. thank you
Hi, Ken. I have a Les Paul exactly like yours! Mine is a '14 R0, apparently a special run made for GC and is a gloss. Love it.
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Mines a 21 standard bourbon burst its awesome
Hi I had made the entrys to change my name and it is now waitring for approval by moderator.
I want to cancel this change and leave it as it is now.
as a matter of note;
the link at the bottome of the site page "contact" no longer works.

But as name changes is linited I just wanted to leave things the way they are.
cheers and thanks! The new look is great!
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