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Hi Derek how are you doing? I've been working on new songs for an upcoming album and I wanted to see if you'll take a listen? I'm using my BE-100 and Charvel guitar, it's rock/hard rock instrumental "Much Appreciated!" thank you.....
Derek S
Derek S
I'm hanging in there man, thanks. Great track, very melodic (I luv that). Interesting that you mentioned it's the BE, I started the tune and minimized it (at work) and while listening my first thought was "damn, I sometimes forget how cool the SLO sounds, coulda swore it was the lead amp here!
Hello again Derek, since you mentioned the SLO here's a song featuring the lead-channel.
Hello Neikeel,
I am not sure whether in my desperation to find a RS OT for my 1974 I already have asked you (if so I apologize), but: you had mentioned that you had a couple of original RS spares lying around. Would you sell one to me? Thanks, JM
Sorry, the spares went a few months ago, the other two I have are in amps and working well
Good luck in your searcn
If one crops up I will let you know.
I have the dimensions of the 1960A cabinet. Here is a link to the PDF. Cabinet PDF
Thanks, but I'm unable to open the file. I'm currently building a 1936 copy,. 1960 might be in the future, some time.

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