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Feb 19, 2013
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Las Vegas, NV
I have two 1960B cabs. One is from '69, with three of the original 25watt/75Hz, Pre-Rola greenbacks and one closely dated same basket with a hideous "Waldom" recone. The other cab is apparently '71/'72-ish that appears to be one of the first few with plastic handles, but before corner protectors. It also has 25watt/75Hz, but with the newer "Rola" stickers. The '69 is in need of a re-glue and complete re-furb so a few years back, I took out the Pre-Rolas and have been using one of them in my DSL20CR and another in my 5E3 Tweed Deluxe. About that same time, I decided to downsize my stuff and have been alternating between just using the open back combos or using a 1965B that sounds pretty OK, fits easily into my '68 Mustang and only weighs 35 pounds.

The three amps I rotate between, with the convenient use of @JohnH attenuators, are the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe, DSL20CR and JTM30, all 1X12 combos. Since the early '90s when I got it, I've rarely used the JTM30 as a combo, due to absolutely hating the OEM Heritage speaker in it. Last year I put in a 65watt Creamback and it improved its useability dramatically. very close to the sound of a Greenback, at least in open back useage. Or so I thought.

Upon rearranging my space, I pulled my '71/'72 1960B out of the corner, dusted it off and plugged each amp into it. Dear God In Heaven, the tones I had forgotten about! Big, beefy and rich, yet still crystal clear highs and mids with no "ice pick" harshness and it even sounds glorious at fairly low volumes! The 5E3 still seems happiest in open back mode though.

This has all prompted me to start making plans for my full refurb of the '69 box, including having Jim at Scumback properly re-cone that horrid Waldom equipped greenback. While the original salt/pepper grill cloth has a small hole in it, I believe it to be mostly rescue-able by reversing it. The cab has had its red tolex removed since long before I got it 30 years or so ago and all corner finger joints are shivered! Also, the bottom has had about 1/16 inch or so worn off of it. My plan is to disassemble it and gently knock the corners apart, by about 1/8" to 1/4" and use/pour either thinned regular titebond wood glue or thin fiberglass resin to drip through the finger joints and then clamp it all square. Then I think I will turn it upside down and perfectly level, create a dam of some sort all around it and then pour some resin to self level and restore the thickness of the bottom. I will then bondo and sand any dings/divots, sand the bottom to thickness, router the edges and apply new tolex. Once I get started, the process shouldn't take very long, but gathering all the right materials and doing good prep will lkely be the key to success!

Any thoughts and/or suggestions and comments concerning my proposed restoration will be warmly welcomed!

Here's the '69

And here is the '71/'72-"ish" cab that looked almost new when I got it around '74! Its been used a little bit! I don't really plan to do anything to this, other than play through it and bathe in it's sonic glory!


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