V-type Neo for JCM800 2204?


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Nov 11, 2019
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Hi Marshall follks,

I possibly have an opportunity to trade one of my V30's for a Celestion V-Type Neo speaker. Unforunately, the location I drilled for a pair of EL34's in a donor amp causes the tubes to butt into the V30 magnet. Shucks man.

But someone may be willing to trade my V30 for his V-type Neo which has less of a total speaker depth and will allow the EL34 pair to fit with no problem.

I'd be really interested in your feedback if you think that the V-Type Neo will work for a 50W JCM800 2204 covering hard classic rock from the 70's and 80's. There wasn't much of any sound clips I could find that demo'd the speaker in that application with that type of amp. Also, I will be playing a Strat. While I like a little bit of brightness on the top, I want to make sure I'm not stuck with "Fizzy's' or an over abundance of high's that will be fatiguing, harsh, or other wise detract from a good midrange to high midrange drive and roar. I will also be implementing a few of the popular mods that are done to JCM800 2204's to make them more versatile. But, the amp will be geared for the poplular 70's and 80's classic rock type of sound.

I did listen to a whole bunch of sound clips of the Neo Creamback and I could surely live with that speaker as it would fit into the combo cabinet and did seem to have the kind of tone/responce that would make it fit for the older classic rock.

Let me know what you think if you would, Thanks!
Phil D


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Feb 23, 2022
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I have a NEO V in a open back 1x12 18w style cab that I use with my sv20h. I’m a big fan. I also have a few NEO Creambacks, the NEO V has won me over for now. It’s got a little more sparkle than the NCB. I think it’s very well rounded through the heads I’ve used with it. I’ll be getting another at some point to mix with a NCB in my Fender Pro reverb that currently has 2 NCB’s.

I also love the weight, or lack of.
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Maggot Brain

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Dec 13, 2011
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Seattle, Washington
I have no experience with the Neo but I have the regular V types and they are fantastic speakers. If the Neos are anything like the ceramic ones then I imagine they will pair wonderfully with the 2204.

I know my 2 cents is less than helpful but Goodluck! I dig the V types a lot!