Upside down power switch dsl40cr

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    This is all very intriguing and now has me pondering various switching techniques: Like is there a proper way to effectively, yet respectfully, “switch” topics.

    :nutkick::pirate:.... not seeming very effective.

    Maybe a little more:
    :uk::usa::ca::hug::cheers:....wearing face masks of course (sorry, imoji’s still haven’t had the C19 mod yet) :lol::lol:

    Fun fact to confuse.. I’m half French.. when speaking “Frenglish” in northern Ontario we “open duh light” (on) an “close duh light” (off). :facepalm: .... we don’t usually pronounce the d in “and“ but sometimes we stall and say “an-duh“.

    DUH doors came first AN I guess DAT was good enough when switches came out. :)

    Update.. I’ve just been corrected by an old frenchy who tells me: “Is nuh-tang to do with door dum dum. Is be-cows you open duh kur-tens to let duh light ins an you close duh kur-tens to shut duh light ah-off” then with a big smile on his face he told me that “for such a smart guy you not to bright (laughs his ass off then then looks extremely serious) My beer run out with dis stupid conversation, how bout you open duh light in duh fridge and get me anoder one you fat COVID fawk.”

    That’s typical Northern French redneck humour for you. :)
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    Some control conventions have never been fully agreed upon even in such fields as military aircraft. Many aircraft use a tape style indicator for some readouts, such as pitch angle, and on some military aircraft, the action of the pitch tape indicator is backwards to that of the same instrument in a different type of military aircraft.

    In my last car, a Cadillac CTS, the action to engage the windshield wipers was to move the wiper stalk upwards. In my previous and now my current Toyota Camrys, it's the reverse. I felt like the Cadillac's arrangement was more ergonomically correct for me, though the Toyotas proved themselves to be better, far more reliable cars.

    But ultimately it comes down to what you're used to. I'm a long time PC user and quite an expert PC user at that, and now I'm learning my way around Mac computers and find them to be frustratingly difficult to employ for the simplest tasks I do on a PC without having to think about. But if I'd started as a Mac user 20 years ago and started using PCs recently, I'd be saying that the PC was frustratingly difficultto employ for simple tasks.

    But I'll always say that Apple's one button mouse has always been, is, and shall ever be, an annoyingly idiotic device now that the five button PC mouse is pretty much the industry standard. Being able to manage many simple tasks without having to touch the keyboard just makes sense.
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    Brit in California
    Yeah regarding cars. I got my first Automatic car a couple of years ago with the hope my wife would learn to drive. A Mini Cooper S, I still drive it manually quite a lot and having played a lot of driving video games where pushing the stick forward to go up a gear was the convention. The mini is backwards in that you pull back to go up the gears. Still feels awkward to this day. I wish they had a setting to invert the controls like in a video game lol.
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    Yeah. I went from a Japanese car (indicator stalk on the right) to a European car (indicator stalk on the left).
    You wouldn't believe how much it cost to get that fixed. ;)
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