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Sep 5, 2010
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it's a 27 minute clip but these are some points I've asserted as well. I see all these bands that are still using the 80's business model and it CAN work but it just isn't likely now IMHO (it IS just conjecture on my end though I am not on a label. I have been and I have had several contracts I didn't sign for a few reasons). I by NO means consider myself ANY kinf of authority or anything. I really am more interested in discussing tips and pointers and what people have found works for them as WELL as what people feel regarding the points mentioned in the video above so feel free to post opinions on the video as well as the general subject :)

I figured it would be cool to share experience(s, tips both good and bad and so on plus i'm just interested in whether people agree with what points are stated in the clip or not (because success is measured in VERY different ways by people and so on Me for example:

I consider having people listen to my work a success and if I have anyone that regards my skill set in a positive light i'm pretty happy with that lol. I also realize I don't have much out there for my solo works (and I don't advertise anything else I've done because it's not what I want to put out these days) and I have horrid health so my main thing is being creative, writing and recording and anything outside of that will come once I've addressed (with some measure of SUCCESS lol) my HEALTH concerns. BECAUSE of my health problems these are my basic goals.

I look for people that are team players, and are interested my methods since i'm so limited.

right NOW touring is ot of the question for me as is live work though I would happily kill myself doing it for monetary incentive (yeah the big cliché I know but I prefer to be honest about these things. MONEY would certainly help incentivize doing the things I can't do right now do to overwhelmingly debilitating physical illness (it's pretty bad but we're making progress on that front for those interested :) )

so for me what I DO is:

look for team players, people looking to write, record and largely base the projects ONLINE (merch and everything else is awesome, I am all for that to help grease the creative wheels as it were) but I am putting the things MOST musicians consider preREQUISITES of the trade such as playing live and touring (I am willing to do those but i'm more interested in doing it RIGHT with all proverbial ducks in a row since it's so INCREDIBLY hard on my body and thus my wife and child)

I look for people that want to communicate with as much honesty as possible because I would LIKE to know if we're on the same page throughout the processes such as: do we both like the tones, riffs, general composition/structure (I tend to work in pairs as an online project though i'm open for more people, two seems practical enough if it's me and a drummer as (and I like having a more tech savvy drummer as i'm kind of behind on the video editing and photoshop oriented skills though i'm LEARNING)

as of now i'm working with one who's got many of the same skills I do but where he can't play guitar or other melodic instruments I CAN and where I tend to lack in the aforementioned tech skills he CAN.

so for the sake of doing everything short of playing live we have all bases covered :)

I AM working onbridging those gaps however and so is he and once we have things in motion we plan on filling out the projects lineup in order to play live but right NOW it's more practical for the two of us to remain a gruesome twosome! :D
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