**The Ultimate Origin 50 (h) - as versatile as my Boogie's* Yeah, I said it.


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Jun 13, 2010
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So, after having both my Big O50(h) for a week plus and spending time dialing them in - I must say, these amps are beautifully versatile. Between the output settings, Tilt and the Boost, there's a lot to offer. The speakers make a HUGE difference with these amps.


For metal/ hard rock fans, I keep an SD-1 (clean boosted) and Wampler Tumnus always ON. The RAT II works great as well, but I love the headroom, thickness and creaminess of the Tumnus. Desert island combo.

Choose your output settings :
-Low Output works best to get the ultimate tightness. This setting has a very gate-like feel.
-Master Volume Half Way PLUS
-Treble, Mids, Bass and Tilt will really be preference to your gear. But I'll wager to say, if you want those JCM type tones ( in tandem with your pedals), Less Is More. You'll find you don't have to move the dials all that much - except for Bass. Yes, FAT and PUNCHY.

Also, today I realized another gem setting - although, I don't know how it translates how or why in the circuit. If you want to increase the thickness of tone, crank the Presence 5-6, Master 6+,Crank Bass, keep Tilt on ZERO, Boost for Volume.

It's JCM territory with some glassiness underneath.

Time is coming. These amps will be sought after, so get your Big O's!

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