The sound of a custom amp I once had. Just for fun.

Discussion in 'The Cellar' started by Matthews Guitars, Mar 1, 2021.

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    A long time ago, when such things were nearly worthless, I took a blown up '73 Fender Pro Reverb to my local amp guru, who has over the years taught me many things and is why I have some degree of competence with tube guitar amps today. (Some degree meaning, I figure out what stumps other amp techs, including him.)

    The amp you are about to hear no longer exists in the form you hear. It's been reimagined, and I must friend reimagined it when that wasn't what I wanted him to do. And maybe SOMEDAY he'll finish it out in its current design.

    But rather than rant about an amp that's so far overdue to be completed that I don't dare think about it....let's just hear what it sounded like before teardown.

    What do you think?
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    Sounds great to me , but then I liked clip#2-3 better than #1
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    02: I like the jazzy chords and licks so much that I don't even care about the amp any more.

    03: genre is not to my taste. I will consequently dismiss every guitar and amp that is related to this genre.

    04: nice tubey sounds. Best of tubey sounds.

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