The First Time I Saw P**n On The Internet

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    Man, you guys are bringing the memories back!

    My initial internet experiences were in '96 or so, my grandparents had AOL on a Windows '95 machine and we used to look up music sites and stuff like that. We didn't have a computer until about 2000 and that was a 256MB with a 4gb HD running Windows '98 and 56k dial-up. I recall downloading songs on Napster, LimeWire, Kazaa, etc and it would take a few hours per song and then the hard drive would fill up, crash, and we would have to do a windows install again. Happened pretty much monthly. We finally got DSL in 2001 or so but still had the crappy computer.

    When I moved into my house in 2006 we had pretty much the same computer and the only option here was dial-up. DSL made it's way down here in 2010 or so and I've been on that since. 6MB speeds! It's crap! I'm super excited though because just yesterday the first cables lines were put in and 100mb internet awaits! Should have that within a couple of weeks and I am super excited. I'm amazed at how far things have come though, my PC is 16gb ram with 1tb of storage on windows 10. MacBook is 8gb ram with a 256gb SSD. I couldn't have even imagined these things back in the old days. My phone has more power than the first 3-4 computers I owned combined.

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