Studio Jubilee 2536A or SC212?


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Dec 8, 2021
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I'm looking at some different 2x12 cabinets to buy, mainly to see if the power amp that was part of the deal when I bought a JMP-1 Preamp is something I'd want to keep. I had the power amp (a 9005 50W stereo) serviced & re-valved by a professional as I figured even if I don't keep it I'd get a better price for it with proof of recent maintenance. So far my only slight gripe with it is how heavy it is.

If it sounds good I'll buy a second 2x12 cabinet so I can run both of it's channels.

I used to use a JMP-1 going into a mixer during the '90s but I'm hoping the power amp will good, I certainly like the range of sounds the JMP-1 can create. At the moment I'm mainly using a JCM800 50W 4212 combo which sounds good but I'm looking for some more versatility.

The cabs I'm considering are as per the heading, both cabs are the angled 'upright' variety. AFAIK the SC212 is made of plywood and the Jubilee is Baltic Birch, in general I want to avoid MDF cabinets. I'd be happy to use cabs with 'side by side' orientated speakers too. Any suggestions would be very welcome too.

If anyone else has experience with this power amp I'd very much appreciate to hear your opinions on it