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Dec 18, 2017
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Roseville, California
So this really isn't a NGD post since I have had this guitar for well over two months, but in reality, I have only really gotten to play it for the first two weeks when I had it and then I had some pickup issues.

When I first got the guitar I was stunned by how beautiful and classy the whole guitar looks. Was blown away by what schecter is doing with WMI as this guitar is spectacular! After two weeks when I plugged the guitar in I noticed that the bridge pickup wasn't working... weird. I opened it up and didn't notice anything out of the usual. I re-soldered all the bridge connections to rule out a cold solder joint and I also decided to get some spray to put into the pots and so on.

The bridge pickup didn't work and I had a spare pickup and that also didn't work so I was just like "fuck it I already was planning on changing the pickups so I will wait just till then." and that was what I did.... 2 months later I get the Fishman Fluence Devin Townsend set and on my first attempt of wiring it altogether I get no sound. I decided to take a second shot at it a week later and everything is A ok!

I have it setup to access all 3 voicings. The guitar is 2 vol and 1 tone. The first pot which is the bridge volume only does that. The neck volume and master tone are both p/p pots. The second volume pot accesses the passive humbucker/humbucker version of his tele single coil pickup sound and the tone pot accesses the tele single coil pickup sound. I really love these voices for cleans and they actually are nice on distortion which I originally though would suck. The default voice is advertised as an active pickup for heavy metal. I feel though that this voicing misses like a bit of oomph or something. Definitely a very thick sounding pickup, but I just feel that maybe it lacks output or something that I am thinking of, but do not know how to put it into words? I still like the set so I don't plan on getting rid of them.

Anyways aside from the pickups lets get into the guitar:

Site specs:

Schecter Locking
Neck Material
Mahogany 3-pc
Mother of Pearl Blocks
24.75” (628mm)
Neck Shape
Thin ‘C’
@ 1st Fret- .787” (20mm)/ @ 12th Fret- .866” (22mm)
22 X-Jumbo
Fretboard Radius
12”-16” Compound Radius
Ernie Ball Compensated Nut
Nut Width
1.653” (42mm)
Truss Rod
2-Way Adjustable Rod w/ 5/32” (4mm) Allen Nut
Guitar Colors
Trans Black Burst (TBB)
Hardware Color
Top Contour
Arched Top
Right Handed
Body Material
Top Material
Flamed Maple
White Multi-ply
TonePros T3BT TOM & T1Z Tailpiece

The original pickups actually sounded really nice to me, but were kind of weak on the palm mutes, but if they weren't lacking in that department I had actually considered keeping the pickups stock.

The guitar is just stunning in person and my absolute weakness is flame or quilt tops with a trans black/ trans black burst finish. The guitar feels so nice to play and the neck is just pure butter. I love how the binding creates this contrast between the natural mahogany and the flame top, it is just stunning. The same thing goes for the neck, the contrast from the mahogany to the ebony with the MOP blocks just will always have a warm spot in my heart in any guitar.

I got this guitar for $650 with a hardshell case and the only issues that I seem to see with it is a few finish defects underneath the gloss on the horn. Small areas where the paint didn't seem to reach, but what the hell everything else is pristine about this guitar! And for everything brand new I would be paying $1050 so I consider this a deal for me.

This is definitely a different guitar for me since I am more of the super strat/soloist type of guy. 3 strat/soloist shaped guitar with floyds, 24 frets, and has a 25.5" scale length is definitely different compared to this guitar being a 24.75" sl, bridge and stop tail, 22 frets and is a single cut. But I had to fill this gas for an LP. Sooner or later I will have to address my GAS for a Jackson Warrior and jackson X-stroyer or Schecter E-1.

So here is some pics..... gonna be playing this thing all night - For original sized photos

Resized20190104_143007_25.jpg Resized20190104_143017_25.jpg Resized20190104_143031_25.jpg Resized20190104_143040_25.jpg Resized20190104_143044_25.jpg Resized20190104_143051_25.jpg Resized20190104_143103_25.jpg Resized20190104_143149_25.jpg Resized20190104_143201_25.jpg Resized20190104_143223_25.jpg

If you have any questions about the axe or pickups feel free to ask!


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Dec 18, 2017
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Roseville, California
That is very nice. Enjoy.

I will! Really feeling like this sounds the best when drop tuned.

I wish they would have made affordable guitars like the in 1972 when i started.
Course Gibson's were alot cheaper back then too.
But they might as well have cost $10K cause i didn't have it.

Yeah I would love to own a gibson les paul custom, but the ones I tried felt mediocre and I was like "is this really what a $4500 guitar should feel like?" of course it was like a 2014 model. I am sure there are some that are older that are well worth that price, but until I come across it and get to play one in person I won't be buying one, especially the newer stuff since it is a gamble.

The schecter stuff for the price that you pay whether it be used or new is well worth it. I plan on buying a 7 string schecter from sweetwater brand new when my 5th anniversary of playing comes around (its gonna be awhile). Gonna be playing some cannibal corpse on that

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