SOLD _________JMP Plexi SuperLead TurretBoard Marshall Replica, Vishay, Draloric, BC Component


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Mar 5, 2012
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Estero, Florida formerly from Indianapolis
Up for sale is a new TurretBoard for a JMP Plexi style of Marshall Superlead amp. This board started off as a predrilled premium Modulus Amps dark chocolate brown turretboard and I have staked, populated, and wired it for use in either a Marshall Plexi SuperLead style of amp or use it to build an amp choice of your own. This board is built from the best premium quality components that are either new or Vintage Old Stock. All plate resistors are 2watt Vishay metal film for quiet operation, and the rest of the resistors are either the same style Vishays or Vintage Old Stock 1/2watt Draloric carbon film resistors. The coupling caps are Vishay the same as Marshall used in the Astoria line, dropping resistors are 3.75watt Dale, the bias resistors are 2watt Vishay metal film, BC caps in the bias supply and the bypass of V1A, and the board is wired with ValveStorm Top Coat Hookup wire, the very best and extra length for any application! Please know what you are buying, put your money towards the best components and get the value for your amp.

Shipping is a flat $20 to the Continental US only by USPS Priority Mail, fully insured. Thanks for looking. Please see my other listings for a hand built Killer 14 watt Boutique amp that I have built that was modified by David Hopkins, a true one off joint venture, and for other tube amp boards. Price is $225.00

The components used on this board are:

Modulus Amps predrilled Premium dark Chocolate brown turretboard
Vishay 2watt metal film resistors
Draloric 1/2watt Vintage Old Stock resistors
Dale 3.75watt dropping resistors
Vishay coupling caps
ValveStorm Top Coat Hookup wire
BC Components bias caps
BC Component bypass cap
Piher bias trim pot
Kester .031 solder on all solder joints
Turrets added for OT/Choke node