She hit me with a smoothie

Discussion in 'The Backstage' started by shredless, Oct 6, 2020.

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    The Land That Time Forgot
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    Congrats, shredless. Now you can skip the toothpick stage.

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    Smoothie: A True Story

    Late one night a call of fright

    Rang from the South of Chicago
    A man was beat, the cuts were deep

    It could not wait 'til tomorrow

    When we arrived the captain sighed

    "Well fellows, it looks like he took some lead"

    His face was smashed, a great big gash

    Half way across his head

    He said to a brother as I looked him over

    "damn, she hit me once mo'!"

    "With what ?" I asked with a curious gasp

    The phone, the chair, the do'? No...

    Smoothie - Smoothie, she hit me with the smoothie
    She hit me with the smoothie again

    Smoothie - Smoothie, she hit me with the smoothie

    The b!tch done hit me with the smoothie again

    It made no sense, but in my defense

    I'm not up on all that slang

    So I went to the truck, but I had no luck

    With the word so absurd as it rang

    The crews face showed that they didn't know
    What the hell he was saying

    I started to laugh, but I had to go back

    To where that guy was laying

    As I stopped the flood of brain and blood

    Flowing from out of his head

    I asked him again, as I swallowed my grin

    And this is what he said...

    Excuse me, um, sir, I guess I'm no whiz

    But I just don't know what a smoothie is

    He didn't even wince as he swigged his fifth

    "You know, the thing you smooth the clothes out with!"

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