Right back where I started (GB128)


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Nov 8, 2020
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edge of the Mt. Hood national forest
So I've had the Or 20c for over a year now and tried a pile of speaks with it. With it being an open back combo right off the bat the choices are limited. The first one after cutting a bigger hole in the baffle was a GB128 I had on hand, nice improvement over the V type 10" but on to the next. I have several 1x12's and other speakers here so I have options for trying them in closed back cabs also, but my goal was to find a speaker that would work well with the combo for grab and go situations.
- next was a C rex, not bad but meh.
-Emminence Maverick, even more meh.
- An (no name OEM in an Ampeg Jet 20) AlNico I have in another combo that is a good speaker but not right.
-An Allesandro 59 A, great speaker just wrong for the amp.
- 10" Red Fang AlNico, great 10" speaker, but it's a 10.
-Celestion blue, sounds great but wont fit in the combo. Probably would have stopped here if I could have got it in the combo.
- Celestion H75 Creamback, nice speaker gets it done and sounds great but a bit too smooth and laid back for what I want.
- Webber Blue Dog 50 watt Sounded horrible in the combo, sounds really good in a closed back cab.
- My Greenbacks from 68' (amazing) but they are in a 2x12 and wont be used for this.
- Celestion V30, not bad cranked but just not right and better in a closed back cab.
- Mojotone BV30H, good speaker just not right. Put it in a 2x12 with the V30 and my kid is using it.
- Emminence Lady Luck, meh.
-WGS g12q, meh.
- Webber 12A125, well it was sitting there but no.
- My 4x10 with Celestion G10s50's, meh.
-Mod 30, no.
- Copperhead 10", No.
Stuck the GB128 back in and man o man, perfect. Now I know.
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