Replacing DI Output Cliff Jack on '87 JCM800 2210

Dec 16, 2020
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Hey guys, I'm trying to revert my 1987 2210 back to stock after someone converted the DI output knob into a Resonance mod. The previous owner converted the DI knob into a Resonance control knob, and just swapped the DI jack with a pot not connected to anything, with the shaft broken off. I've undone the Resonance mod and left the DI knob pot disconnected (the pink wire goes to the right lug on the pot and nothing is connected to the other two lugs. I would like to get the DI back working (when I undid the mod, it took out the FX send). I just need to replace the 2 lug Cliff jack, but can only find 4 lug Cliff jacks for sale. Can I use a 4 lug cliff jack and just use the one side? Once I get the jack, I know which wires to reconnect, I just need to know if the 4 lug one will work. I'll attach a picture of what it looks like as well as a picture of the stock wiring for reference. Thank you.


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