Putting greenbacks on top of v30’s 4x12

Discussion in 'Cabinets & Speakers' started by ToneWitch, Sep 15, 2021.

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    I’m speculating my next build. I have done countless hours of research and audio testing. I don’t have the means to buy every available speaker so I use YouTube channels that test speaker combinations and test at home what I can.

    the g12H + V30’s in an X pattern is a favorable combination. However, the sound of the Vintage 30’s (bottom) mixed with greenbacks (top) sounds much better to me.
    The issue is the practicality. Playing a show, it’s doubtful you will be micd through both speakers, unless you have the foresight to request it from the sound guy. Or if you have a sound guy for the band it’s a non-issue, but for the vast majority of players who gig this might make the mix come out terribly.

    what are your thoughts on the Friedman style greenback top / v30 bottom? Why did this work or not work for you?
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    Basically, the X configuration is the 4x12 mix.

    The two-row configuration is like having two 2x12s.

    You can also have them side by side. Like having two 2x12s side by side on their sides instead of stacked.

    V30s slam more which is why people like them. G12s are a lot easier to listen to. The major drawback with the V30 is that you usually need to tame that high-end and if you get things wrong, they go really wrong that way. Ice-picking + piercing trebs tearing through the tone. So if you start dialing back for the V30 that impacts the G12s also. In recording situations, you use EQ on the mic on the V30 speaker to tame the high-end. Standing in front of the cab, you will hear something else. When I started out playing with tubes I had an Orange head and cab with V30s. Dogs hearing all sorts of frequencies coming out of the high end.
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    I have clients put their M75's or G12M's on the top row, V30's on the bottom. They say it mixes better that way than an X pattern since the V30 is 100db plus, and the M75/G12M is only 97 db, and is less loud/efficient.

    It makes it so you can hear the M's easier.
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