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Oct 13, 2014
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Hendrix idolized Buddy Guy. Hendrix shattered EC's confidence.

You can't be the OG when you are playing Freddie & Albert King licks. :io:

Read Clapton's self-bio sometime..Although Jimi freaked out ALL the British guys at the time, Clapton, Page, Beck, I have to disagree that Hendrix "shattered EC's confidence"..Eric was never happy in Cream, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were constantly bickering and fighting, and Eric felt caught in the middle. That, and he wanted to do a more "pure" style of blues than the hard blues-rock of Cream.

Personally I like all of Clapton's work, but my favorite was definitely the stuff he did with Cream..Hell, that was one of the bands that made me want to learn to play guitar! It kind of bummed me out to discover how unhappy he was with that band.

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