Programming Marshall Jmp1 To G Major 2


Nov 11, 2009
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I am running a Voodoo ground control into a Marshall JMp1, then into a TC G Major.

I have read the JMP1 manual several times, but cant get the 2 units to Save together. I can switch patches just fine, just nothing saves.

How do I get the 2 units to save the same patches?

Michael Roe

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Mar 25, 2017
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Springfield, Ohio
Yeah, it is a bit tricky. One point to remember is that the JMP-1 has a preset "0" most other units start with "1". I think it also may send 1 number off as well. This is what makes it confusing. Drove me nuts until I finally figured it out.
On the "map" button, which is where you would set each parameter for midi patches, is
and "out"
I have a different set up using a TC G-system, so my foot controller and the FX unit are the same. So, only two devices instead of three.
Mine is set like this if I want say patch "1" of foot controller and patch "1" of JMP-1:

"In" =0
"to" =1

I'm not using an "out" but I think the out in your case may have to be set to "0"
In other words, the "to" part which is the JMP-1 preset, is the only one which is actually correct, or right from us non-brits.
So, for your ground controller to be patch 5 your JMP-1 patch 5 and your TC as patch 5, set like this:

IN= 4
You setup all those patches by continuously pressing "map"
MAP= set the IN
Map=set the TO
Map=set the OUT
Map= goes back to preset mode
Map= move data knob to next patch and continue until you set each patch
When done just hit like "gain" and it exits and auto saves the settings.
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