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Oct 19, 2012
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I could never get a good tone from my DSL15 even using a Boss SD-1 to tighten it up. No fx loop either. It gave me a bad view of the Marshall DSL amps but someone told me they had the 100W and 40W and they sound a lot different. It had the mid-scoop button.

I am wondering if the DSL20h is any better. I am also wondering if they don't need the master volume turned up to get a decent heavy tone from the amp. I would be using it almost exclusively for down-tuned stuff. My other Studio amps for classical metal and rock. DSL for modern metal. My EVH 5150 has its tonal limitations a bit there.

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By the way Max, I read your sig: if you already have the SC20H, SV20H, Studio Jubilee 2525H, then the only one you're lacking is the DSL20HR - AND, it's $800, not $1,900. ;) :yesway:


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May 25, 2010
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High & dry in TN
I fucked it all up and had second thoughts the first time I tried to post this so I'll try again...

I really miss drinking, drinking made me sociable. I pretty much quit drinking about 4 years ago except a little once or twice every few months or so. I don't like getting drunk, but a good buzz does wonders for me. I don't post much anymore because I quit drinking and I'm super bored, distant and uninspired. I barely listen to music anymore and when I grab my guitar I just play the same damn thing over and over again every time. Drinking made me outgoing, motivated and creative, now I'm just a zombie.
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