Please keep my friend in your thought prayers

Harlequin tusk

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Jan 11, 2010
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Long Island NY
Hi All,

If you could please keep my friend Krusher in your thoughts and prayers if you do pray. He has been my friend, band mate and shooting buddy for the last 13 years. He has been diagnosed with pancreatic and lung cancer. Let me tell you all a little bit about Krusher.

If it is a cold snowy night and you are broken down on the highway, Krusher will come get you.

If you are sick and need something, Krusher will go to the store buy medicine for you and bring it to you.

If you are late to the jamm, Krusher will keep a few shots of Jacks on the side for you.

If it is your birthday, Krusher will get you a card and bake a cake for you and throw a party at his house for you.

If it is 4am, you are too drunk to drive home, Krusher will come get you and get you home safely ( even though he has to be at work in a 1/2 hour) he will come.

If some asshole starts in with any of us, Krusher will be the first to stand up for his friends against ANYONE!!! regardless of what happens to himself.

We spent many a weekend jamming at Krusher Studios and shooting at the range together.

Krusher is only 52 and a few years from retirement, I'm 58 and have already lost the guitar player in my other band from a heart attack in January and am still hurtin over that, €I fear the worst hear with Krusher's situation and am hurting again.

Thanks for listening and please keep him in your thoughts.

Thanks all.