Old School Texan

Buc McMaster

Aug 4, 2022
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Hello all. South of Oklahoma, east of New Mexico, west of Louisiana where all them cajuns go.......Texas. Not a native, I'll admit, but I got here as fast as I could! USAF vet, just turned 70, beginning to experience the ravages of time, I was last in a working band perhaps 15 years ago. Still play daily though........Fender CS Stratocaster, Collings 290DC-S though a Marshall 1974X, a Mesa Cali Tweed of a little Fender Blues Jr. Pretty much avoid pedals though I find it sadly lacking not to use a rotary speaker sim on Cream's tune Badge.....a Strymon Lex absolutely nailed that sound! So, I'll try to contribute when I can and avoid being argumentative at all times....... See you in the funny papers!