NTD (Mullard) and NWPD (RMC)

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    My Marshall DSL 50 has been in need of new tubes for quite some time. The last two retubes have been all JJ and I have been quite happy with them. This time however I decided to try all Mullard's. They biased up nicely (36mv per side) and I let them sit for about an hour. I found them to be a nice match for the DSL. My initial thoughts are the may be a touch crunchier than the JJ but looser in the bottom end. Time will tell. Any on else have experience with Mullard's here?

    Real McCoy Customs RMC4 Picture Wah is the first wah that I have liked right out of the box. Plays well with other pedals and high gain amps. No volume drop when you step on it. Good sweep. Red Fasel. Switch underneath the treadle to change sweep (variable resistor underneath to fine tune) and another trimmer to adjust against high gain amps. I left both alone as the factor setting sounded good to me. A modern wah but def a classic sound. My only disappointment is the gray hammered case is no longer available. Great wah.
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    I have an RMC wizard. Stopped thinking about a new wah. Also when they introduced a new pot he just sent me a new one through the mail at no charge. Top bloke for customer service.
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