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Aug 8, 2008
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I’d rather have one great amp, that I can plug into and get great vintage Marshall tones, than two, or more amps, that sound pretty good.

That’s just me, I’ve never cared much about owning a lot of amps, my taste is simple when it comes to Rock music.

If I had the money, I’d rather buy another guitar to tell the truth. Again though, I don’t care about how many, just a couple of great guitars.

I only own 4 guitars, (and 1 bass), and 4 amps,…. 3 of which I almost never play through.

Different Strokes for Different Folks! :D
Right now I have the Iconic into the Orange 412 and the ORI50H into the EVH 5153 412 in one room. It's the thunder & lightning room. :naughty:

The DSL40C with Celestion Gold in my Foreplay room. I love foreplay. :drool:

The SC800 into redback loaded Fender BB 112 and Monoprice 15 combo in living room. These are quick grab and plays when everyone is out. Which happens regular enuff due to our work schedules.

It can be tuff working all "my girlz" in. I do manage throughout the week though. Since speaker changes all of these amps offer a different ear and playing experience. It's all rock to me but definitely a nice variety sound wise. Speakers were the icing on "my" cake. Finishing touch. Happy ending.

I have to tell myself "no" often when I look at other amps. Hard enough to play What I've got!
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