Netgear Riding On AC Causing Havoc

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    I have been working on a new line of all valve analog high gain circuits.

    However I continued to have what appeared to be a low frequency 120 cycle oscillation.

    I interfaced preamps with power amps of many heads to deduce the culprit.

    I finally thought well perhaps the grounding in that part of the home had
    lost integrity. Nope, not it.

    Scratched head. Then the lightbulb came on!

    I live in a new 2.5 story 3,000sqft custom house. The WiFi is in my office upstairs. In order to get a signal out to our suit downstairs on the opposite end of the structure I needed a netgear WiFi transmitter that traveled on AC to a receiver plugged into the AC of our room for Netflix etc...

    Eureka! That was it. But damn if I did not learn a lot about elevating heaters, isolating grounding schemes etc... in this short time. EVL is about ready lol.

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