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    It's a good video.

    Also Neil Young gets his tone primarily from an amp farm of Fender Custom Deluxe Tweeds from which he has found one he likes. He has a few faithful ones that sound how he wants it but he has that special one and he mostly plays it with the volume very high to cranked. Now that is something you can't do on a Custom Deluxe Tweed unless you own a barn and live in the country which is what Neil Young does. 6V6 power tube saturation on a very efficient circuit. Must scare away all the wildlife in the area.

    A special knob turning system he invented called the WHIZZER dials in what he wants and he uses his own homemade foot controller to do it.

    He uses a spring reverb tank from Fender.

    The Bigsby tremolo is a very important factor. You can usually get close to his tones from a Gretsch but Neil Young has a totally customized Les Paul to feel like a Gretsch but with a firebird humbucker pickup in the bridge.

    The best way I got close to this same tone was by using this setup.

    Neil Young's rig though has a ton more going on. Just look at it. Yikes!

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