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Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by Buzzard, Mar 7, 2021.

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    Forgive me for asking about repair info on a non marshall but I figured It would get more eyes here than anywhere else. I just received a used mesa heartbreaker head from GC...I know, I know but I've gotten tons of used gear in the past from them and never had a problem.That is until now. The amp came in good condition box wasn't torn up,tubes came bubble wrapped in a separate box and labeled. Don't know how much life is in the mesa branded tubes but they fired up and looked ok. Problem is that when turning it on there varies from no sound, very little sound to full power intermittently.Also since the sound cuts in and out I can't tell much if the various swtches and knobs work.It's a fairly rare amp and has 60/100 power,variac switch,tube/solid state rectified, reverb,2 channels, 5 modes etc. It's kind of an a 25 anniversary to the mk 1 but does fender tweed, bassman, deluxe,twin on steroids jtm plexi . The amp ticks all the boxes and I got a pretty good price but not if I have to sink a bunch into it.I've got a good tech that's an hour and a half away so I'd have to drop it off. Question is do I return it and possibly miss out on a great amp or bring it in?
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    Presume you can do the simple things (try a couple of different preamp tubes, spray some Deoxit gold into the volume pots, make sure the switching jacks are clean and similarly lubed).
    Have you tried different speaker loads and cables? Presume same with guitars and leads (sorry grandmothers and egg sucking but someone will ask....)
    The spec packs a lot into one amp and although most of the ss switching apparatus either works or not there are quite a lot of potential issues.
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    What I'd do is spray all the pots, jacks, and switches (paying particular attention to fx loop jacks). While the amp was open I'd look for any obvious overheated parts or bad solder joints.

    If the problem persists, I'd take one of my known-good preamp tubes and try it in each preamp socket.

    If that doesn't fix it, then it'd be tech or return. I'd contact GC and describe the problem and tell them I need a discount (partial refund) to defray at least part of the tech cost. If they won't do that, then I'd return it.
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    Keep. it. stupid. simple.

    I would advise replacing the tubes with known good ones, anything more than that and it's tech time. Like RLW59 mentioned, advise guitar center on the situation. I am sure they will offer a refund or to have you drop it off and your nearest Guitar Center so they can have it looked at by a tech.

    You can try but I highly doubt they will discount or reimburse you for using your own tech.

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