NCD: Early 80's JCM800 4x12, G12-65s

Discussion in 'Cabinets & Speakers' started by Frehley12, Jun 6, 2020.

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    I picked up this almost 40yr old slant cab in very good condition with stock G12-65s. This cab delivers that tone I hear in my head. It's that slight grit or hair and a little high end roll off to make it musical. I just love these speakers. My 2555x sounds very good through these too but the matching v30s cab is the better match.

    I really bought this cab for my Mesa Mark IV head. I was running it through a vertical Recto 2x12 with Mesa V30's. It's a nice cab but I found it a little boomy and constricted. Similar to that blanket effect. The Mark IV sounded crunchier and brighter through the Jubilee V30s cab.

    Now with this JCM800 cab the Mark IV really shines. The cleans are livelier and fuller. The lead channel just rips. The bass is tight but not boomy. Mean, aggressive, and pissed off with a hint of that grittiness. My tone is similar to Metallica's Garage Days now through this cab.

    I was in the market for another amp before I bought this cab. What a game changer!
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    They are nice sounding cabs and speakers, my friend has one, and it really stands out in the tone dept.
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    I have one and it sounds amazing with my 1985 JCM800 .
    They also sound glorious with a Vintage Modern .

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