NBAD Trace Elliot 712 SMC


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Oct 28, 2018
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Almost on a whim, I decided to trade in some unused pedals and my Fender Rumble 25W bass practice amp, and bag a fairly tidy Trace Elliot 712 SMC combo for £149 (£60 after the trade).
It's 130W (well, maybe 75W without another 8 ohm cab plugged in), made in England, has a 7 band EQ and compressor onboard. D.I. out and an FX Loop.
12" 8 ohm speaker that I've not had a look at yet (bit dusty), no tweeter.
Whacked up the volume in the shop and no rattles!
I'm really liking it (with my scant expertise on bass amps).
I am having a bit of trouble actually dating the combo, but maybe sometime in the late 90's or early 00's?
If anyone knows anything about the 712 SMC please post here, coz there's not much available online.

Trace Elliot 712 (2)-2000.jpg
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