My issue with locking trem's


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Oct 19, 2012
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that's a very nice guitar .
ok from left to right :
1. 1975 ibanez futura all original cept for the pickups .
2. 1977 ibanez futura with an added floyd rose frx and 2 holes drilled in the headstock for the 2 screws for the stringclamp ,forgiver me ibanez collectors !
3. 1975 ibanez destroyer that had been painted black and a kahler installed ,i refinished it . you're welcome ibanez collectors ,EVH RIP would have loved this guitar !
4. 1977 ibanez destroyer all original ,yes people would kill for this guitar ,the shark was made from such as this .
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what they all say.

Matthews Guitars

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Aug 17, 2019
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Locking trems taught me one important thing: (I have a Charvette, my only 80s style guitar.) No matter how you stretch them, even strings that are locked down solid in a locking nut and locking trem will continue to stretch out of tune when you bend them. The stretching out of tune slows down but it never stops. And you can see this if you have a precision tuner that measures to cents. Fortunately the fine tuners, if reset with each string change, should have ample tuning range to keep you in tune until the strings are dead and due for replacement.

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