McDonald's samiches are getting smaller


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Mar 30, 2010
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In my 20s I used to train at the gym 5 days a week, 5-10% body fat and lived on McDonald’s to help me gain muscle. Never got fat or unhealthy. Other food I had away from there was proper food and lots of vegetables.
Obviously I stopped training and got older and stayed reasonably trim and still enjoyed burgers. Beer is the killer! 2 stone in two years. Wtf!
If you work hard you can eat shit I found and still be healthy. Obviously not to an extreme but most people are lazy. I am now to an extent and the 2 stone shows it and for first time in my life the doctor said I’m overweight at 13st 8 @ 6ft2! Up yours doctor I’m up another half stone and enjoying my beer everyday 😂
McDonald’s over is here is still same size to be fair. 2 meals is enough to fill me up in a sitting. No idea how big the portions were over in the states

Harlequin tusk

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Jan 11, 2010
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Long Island NY
Vin, if you ever come visit I'll throw you in the truck and take you round to Dylan's

Great big ol' upscale bar and grill, kinda reminds me of Cheers....

When you order a burger, first they going to ask you what kind of bun you want. (They'll toast it for you with butter) And if you want cheese, they'll ask you what kind of cheese you want too (I get pepper jack). They hand-spank the sizeable beef patty and charcoal grill it to your specification. Several whole slices of thick cut bacon if you want it....

It arrives on your plate sliced in half, with toothpicks holding the buns on top, crisp cold lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles peeking wanted those onions grilled? Ok

Big pile of tasty steak fries. Or onion rings. Don't even get me started on the onion rings....

The beer has tiny shards of ice in the first few swigs

The waitresses have nice booties ....big screen TVs everywhere, grab a remote and watch what you want in your corner. Take a bite of that fat-ass burger. Are you glad you came to see me?


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Damn that looks good!!!!!

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