Marshall Origin 50C effects loop issue with delay


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Aug 1, 2022
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Hi guys,
New guy to the forum here. I just pickup an Origin 50C combo in mint condition (open box) on Reverb. Great amp and was able to get some awesome tones dialed in straight away. I put a Boss SD-1 on the front end and it really woke the amp up. I decided to try my Tech21 Boost DLA in the loop and ran into some issues.
The Boost DLA is a delay with a optional clean boost function (great pedal). The delay sounds like it's in the front end of the amp instead of the loop. It is very distorted and crumbly, with the tails really only audible when you stop playing. Sounds terrible. I tried a friend's Boss DD-8 delay as well as an Alesis Quadraverb in the loop with the same results. I had some new 12AX7s in my stash and tried swapping preamp tubes, thinking the Phase Inverter tube might be bad. No change. Anyone have any luck with solving this issue? I had the footswitch connected and it didn't matter if the Boost function was on or off. Swapping cables and removing the Boss SD-1 made no difference either...

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