Marshall JVM 50w vs 100w combo

Jul 4, 2020
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I have to agree with Karl Brake. Scored a 50watt 215C for US $1200 in December ‘21 and have been very happy with it all around for it’s versatility and tones, the latter being most important to me. I’m using it for a range of music in a cover band from blues, classic rock to modern tones but even some country rock and it delivers.

In addition to well thought out preamps with 3 modes each giving it versatility I think some of that magic in the combo format is this speaker the G12B150. Darker and more headroom and power handling overall which is what you need in a swiss army knife combo.

At 58lbs it is no lightweight and built like a tank and is although not a closed back it is mostly closed which seems to deliver the thump when you need. As far a volume I think it is one of loudest combos in this class of size, speaker config and max power.

But as I mentioned it has some great tones available and I have mastered the parallel fx loop which is the best implementation of that I have come across yet because your core dry tone is not diminished and the midi integration is something that is not as common in a killer tube combo and has changed how I play.

My Boss ES-8 based pedalboard midi talks to the 215C for channel, channel mode, reverb, fx loop and master volume changes and I pass midi thru it to a small rack case with a disaster area loop switcher controlling a classic intellifex and some pedals in the other loops.

This amp has enabled me to access some advanced features on small stages, really a game changer.

One of Marshall’s best designs imo, a true working musicians tool and I will soon be scoring the head version for scaled up stages.

Highly recommend and a great demo of the amp is by Peach Guitars on youtube. I saw and heard that video and knew it was a winner.


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Dec 23, 2017
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This may have been discussed earlier in this thread, I’d so I apologize for duplicating what may have been said. With that said I wanted to point out that a 3 db increase is actually more than people think. Decibels increase exponentially so 3db’s increase equates into a 100% sound energy increase and a little over 23% loudness increase. I play a JVM 205 H that I have modded quite a bit and it is plenty loud unless you’re playing arenas. Even then it would work fine when mic’d.
I have done mods on these for a handful of customers that will not part with them.
Anyway, just wanted to add my 2 cents worth which will get you a cup of coffee if you add 2 dollars to it….😁


May 9, 2010
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I know this is done already but I'd say go for the 4 ch over the 2 ch [ I have a 410h ]

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