Marshall JCM 800 100 Watt Lead Head and 1960A Slant 4x12 Cab

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    Marshall JCM 800 2203 MK2 Master Model 100 Watt Lead Head and 1960A Slant 4-12 Cab

    Serial number dates the head to 1984

    1960A Slant 4x12 Cab with Celestion G12T-75 speakers

    I've owned this rig since at least 1990, so rest assured it is the real deal.

    The JCM 800 is the essence of Marshall's legendary tone, but if you are considering this... You already knew that!

    I've babied this rig as it only left my house less than a dozen times in almost 30 years.

    Condition: Excellent

    Sold As a Set/Will Not Split Up

    Includes 2 Marshall cab covers and 1 Marshall cover meant for a combo but does the job covering the head
    Power Cord and Speaker Cable Included

    Price: $2100 Firm
    No Trades
    Local Pickup Only

    20191006_130328.jpg 20191006_130328.jpg a1_20191006_130303.jpg a2_20190602_123522.jpg a2_20191006_130456.jpg a2_20191006_131306.jpg a2_20191006_131312.jpg cab_20191006_125057.jpg cab_20191006_125541.jpg cab_20191006_125551.jpg

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