Marshall 2266 vintage modern too bright

Discussion in 'The Workbench' started by vscrl1, Dec 1, 2020.

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    I’ve tried everything. Swapped preamp tubes, checked the bias, tried running just the body with detail all the way down and then boosted to tighten, treble all the way down and presence all the way down and this amp is just too bright. Is there a cap or something somewhere I can clip to lower the brightness? I have an ampeg vl1001 and a madison divinity ii and this is the only amp of the 3 that is like this. Cab is an ampeg cab loaded with celestion g12s50’s. I know those speakers don’t get much love but they sound decent with my other amps. I’ve also used a Mesa mark v, peavey ultra plus, and an 80’s peavey butcher through this cab and my other cab (ampeg lee Jackson cab). The butcher was way too bright but I modified it and now it’s fine. Anyone have any ideas? I’ve owned 2 of these vintage moderns before and definitely don’t recall them being so bright. The cabs with the last 2 were a jcm900 cab with g12t75’s and a Mesa cab with v30’s. Help lol
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    In some Marshalls the mids are actually quite bright. Turn them down as well.
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    What volume setting do you use? they smooth out and thicken up at higher volume like 4 and above or preferably 5-6. If you need to be quieter, an attenuator can help.

    Also, I had one of those G12S50's, I didn't like it much.
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    I have found that volume makes a huge difference in the response of this particular amp. Mine is a 2466. I read on the Vintage Modern page at Musician's Roadhouse that the designer, Steve Dawson, recommends diming all tone controls and blending the Detail and Body settings to taste. I didn't really believe it, thought it would be too piercing, but lo and behold, it actually sounded great! This was pretty high on the volume though. They are a somewhat brittle at low volumes, even with the treble and presence on 0.

    There are a number of mods, try this page to find them:

    Good luck!

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