Marshall 1960A - JSX blending

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    Feb 1, 2021
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    Doing an album, 2 cabinets using are Marshall 1960A and Peavey JSX straight.

    Blending Marshall and peavey cabs are sounding great so far in the mix, my question is more for the peavey jsx cabb, anyone have any experience using it? It has an xlr out on the cab ( apparently has cab simulated out) it has great bite, was going to use it as a blend in just the high end and eq out the harshness for some high end clarity added, and it is sounding great. But the cab xlr out is dropping signal randomly, levels are set, signal will go from -18db, to -50db randomly. Can't find a thing, but wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this before scraping the xlr out options.

    Thanks yall
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