Laney GH100TI (2010 version)

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    Oct 9, 2019
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    Up for sale is this fire breathing monster of an amp. Think a JCM800 with heaps more gain, fixed resonance option, and super cool effects loop.

    Actually has somewhat of a 5150 vibe to it, if I’m honest.

    Loaded with JJ E34L’s and JJ 12AX7’s.

    There are a couple dings in the tolex, but nothing serious at all. It’s missing the back grill, but that just means it’s easier to change out tubes. I can find a suitable replacement, if that’s a deal breaker for you.

    here are some clips of this model of amp (not this specific amp, but This is what it sounds like):

    I’ll grab some photos tonight after the kid goes down.

    $900 plus split shipping sale price
    $1000 trade value.

    Here’s what I’m looking for:

    Fender Jazzmaster (MIM is fine)
    Mesa Mark III
    Lawsuit Japanese Gibson knockoffs (Burny, Greco)
    Gibson SG with a vibrola

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