Kahler String Lock To Floyd Nut


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Oct 28, 2018
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Hi Guys. Probably just read the last bit (LOL).

I have a guitar I built myself in the 90's, based on templates I made from a Charvel Model 4 I used to own. The original 1986 Charvel came with a Kahler tremolo system. I liked how the Kahler bridge felt under my palm when playing, so installed one on the guitar I made.

I am now wanting to use this guitar for lower tunings and am faced with a decision of whether to have the nut recut for the heavier gauge strings needed (no going back after recut), or install a Floyd nut.
The old style Kahler string lock is designed to sit behind a traditional nut. My Kahler is setup in permanently locked mode (hardtailed) for my style of playing, so my beef isn't with tuning stability issues.

I am interested in changing the nut from a traditional nut and Kahler string lock, to just a Floyd Rose locking nut. I know the mod should work (will get a luthier to do it), but the reasoning for me is to be able to try out different string gauges more easily without detrimental effects to string height at the nut end of the neck.

Has anyone got experience of changing the gauge of strings on a Floyd equipped guitar from something like bottom E 42 to 49? Did this ruin the playability of the guitar from a nut height point of view?

Hope I have made my question clear? Cheers.
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