K-Line guitars. Who’s tried one??


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Dec 30, 2021
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I received my first K-Line guitar today! A KL90. I got the used from @cobrakaiusa.

I was pondering buying a 1959 Jr locally, that a friend of mine was selling. A case queen. Beautiful Jr. All original…but a steep price tag!!!

I stumbled across Doug’s posting in the Guitar emporium earlier this week. I had never heard about Kline Guitars before. So I did a little research, talk to some people, and every thing pointed to the fact that these were awesome guitars, all handcrafted in St. Louis, Missouri, and everyone said that it would be a great guitar! They were right!

This baby is constructed out of light weight Honduran mahogany. It has a beautiful Ebony fretboard on it. The fret work is amazing! It has a nice, beefy 50s neck on it. It’s super lightweight, under 7 pounds. It has a Seymour Duncan antiquity P 90 in it. That sounds absolutely amazing!

A kick ass guitar!!!

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