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    This coincides with a conversation I had with another guitar player I have known for a while. I have been dialing in my guitars on my JVM 410 HJS for an upcoming studio project. So it’s been Tele, Strat, LP, Ibanez JEM etc..... different types of guitars. So many different possible tones. It got me wondering about comments made about the amp that say it’s too modern sounding or it does not sound like a certain type of amp, or I can’t get a decent tone etc.
    Having owned the amp for about 8 years and having played multiple types of guitars through it I just don’t get some of the comments I read. Now I know the amp is not everyones choice. Some of the most confusing comments are from JVM 410 users. Having owned the 410 for a time I had only one criticism. I saw the gates in place of the reverb on the HJS and thought the HJS was a better fit for my needs. I feel the 410 and 410 HJS can easily cross over into each others lane if knobs are turned so they are both suited to give a myriad of tones. The HJS OD 1 and OD 2 channels were voiced the same as opposed to differently on the 410. Even so each channel can be dialed in differently with our favorite effects etc.

    Now. Having owned and played both I don’t want to put them up for comparison to each other. That has been beat to death. What I want to ask is how many non owners of either amp do you think base their opinions on YT videos they watch and not on actual jam time on the amp? And I want to state it is not wrong to decide to purchase something based on a video. Thats totally cool and may be the only way someone can decide to purchase something. I do this myself but I don’t bash something I have never tried in person.

    I ask because anyone who can eq an amp worth a shite could not really tell me that they can’t dial in a tone that sounds perfect for any situation on either 410 if they have actually spent time on the amp. Liking the amp and stating it can’t get a tone are different. Most experienced players know this.

    as for my HJS I did what I have always done and that is I have changed tubes to find a bit different tone than other owners of the same amp , not because the stock tubes did not sound good but because it’s what we do lol. I put 5881’s in the power section. I am probably in the minority using 5881’s in this amp but thats cool. I like the sound I get.

    so original question I posed, how many people who comment on the amp do you think probably never played one? Peace
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    Probably lots.
    Some I know find it "too modern" meaning they probably stay on channel 1 only. So why bother with a 410?
    My favorites are the lots of knobs complaints. If you can run 4 separate amps or average mixing board, you can run a JVM.
    Love mine.
    Does it all.
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    Hello. Lots going on with your post, so I'll break it down to what I think are your most significant experiences and questions, then I'll go from there.
    If "modern sounding" is the typical characterization you encounter about the 410JS, then I'd probably say that's fair though not necessarily a bad thing. True, some of the channels and modes claim to be based on other Marshall (such as 6100, JCM800 #2203, master volume JMP, AFD100, etc., but I think any channel/mode that claims to be the basis of a previous Marshall is an attempt at a loose interpretation of older Marshalls rather than a recreation of a balls-on dead-accurate reproduction.

    As far as people saying then can't get a "decent" tone from a 410HJS, I can't give those kind of comments much weight. There's plenty tone shaping controls on the 410HJS for people to find something "good" at the very least. I also don't believe any one amp has all the answer to all your tonal needs, but there's some good stuff in the 410HJS if a person is willing to spend a little time moving the dials around, try different guitars, etc.

    Ahhh, here's the one question I think about myself.

    My suspicion is that most people are relying on YT videos to make a judgement. Why?

    1) the amp has been discontinued, so it's hard to find to demo.
    2) In my experience, the amp was never an omnipresent item at most music stores where you could actually play it in person.
    3) the amp was priced so high that most people were not as motivated to take a chance on it.

    Videos are helpful, but nothing really beats in person demo.

    I suspect at least 50% of all people who have an opinion on the 410HJS probably never played it. I doubt my estimation is probably not going to stop people from making comments becase it's just the way the world works nowadays, and there's not much effort in call people out because they're probably gonna keep on doing those kind of things.

    Bottom line: if it works for you, then stick with it because it's probably easier making yourself happy than it is trying to make someone else happy.
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    Love my all in one JVM410HJS. I rarely even turn on my Triple Rec or 5150 these days. It would be a waste of electricity.
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    I think a lot of people have had to and still do take a chance on getting the HJS. Where are you really going to demo one? When I got mine I took a chance myself; however, I read up on it and made some assumptions based on what I read that turned out to be true, to my ears. This landed me the only Marshall I will ever want and the only one I would have ever wanted. When I read that Joe had the clean voiced like the 6100, and the other channels voiced to his choosing, I kinda knew then it was what I wanted. Why? I remember Joe used to use the 6100, and that was my favorite amp back then. I suspect, in short, that he created a sort of updated (another channel, noise gate, mid lift, etc.) 6100 head. Then seeing a blue limited HJS I even suspected more he was paying homage to the original 6100. Now having the amp, I found all my speculations to have come true. To me, it is an updated 6100 all the way. The update part is in the features only I'd say because the sound is still good old 6100 to me.
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    lots of people base their comments/purchase choices on YT videos because lots of music stores just don't have the selection of amps to try. I for one love bad comments it keeps the price lower on used amps.

    the other thing that can get lost is the tone of the amp comes from the fingers.......
    So a bad a set of fingers into a bad microphone heard coming out of computer speakers.......is why a test drive is best.

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