JVM 205h Mods

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    Modded to vintage spec 2204/1987 circuits as close as possible. This reduces the fizz and adds back that karang. Sounds a lot more open like how a Marshall should. 4 button footswitch and upgraded JJ ecc83 and JJ El34.

    The amps OD channels are voiced more vintage/rock than stock Metal/hard rock. The negative feedback, plate, cathode, grid stopper resistors, bypass capacitors, high pass filters, cathode follower circuits, ect have all been adjusted to vintage spec. This is the closest JVM to that tone. Excellent condition cant find a blemish on the head. Footswitch has a few small paint chips on the edge.

    Ch1 Green is clean or more of a Marshall clean.
    Ch1- Orange is JCM 1987 spec. Its voiced more like the bright and normal channels jumpered due to the limitations in the shared circuit design. (bright cap)
    Ch1- Red JCM 800 2204

    Ch2- Green JCM 800 2204 ( Two channels are exactly the same, now you can set up two 800 type tones and switch back and forth.)
    Ch2- Orange JCM 800 hot rodded to have more gain
    Ch2- Red JCM 800 with a extra gain stage.

    1100$ PP Shipped in a double walled box.
    Sig required. USA only. Thanks

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