Jubilee or Orange AD30?


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Jun 1, 2020
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Granted I only have experience with a 2525, and I LOVE it for it's range of crunchy/distorted tones but all of you guys saying it sounds good clean I just don't get. It sounds like my DSL40C clean. Very sterile and flat. I used to think it sounded good until I got a Fender Blues Jr. Totally different sound. So warm and full. It's a sound that I've never heard from any Marshall (and I LOVE my Marshalls)!!


Dec 7, 2016
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Hi, basically I want an amp that can do classic rock and blues (great cleans and overdrive without pedals) and some 80s, think Led Zeppelin, Free, GnR, Hendrix, etc. I will run an attenuator as I have a flat, so which one would sound best attenuated. I know the Jubilee is more versatile and I am leaning towards it.

Get it man...it will not disappoint you at all. I love mine and run a eq pedal to lessen the volume so the family and neighbors aren't wanting to do bodily harm to me. I lucked out though...I found a completely original in mint condition vintage Marshall Silver Jubilee 2x12. As you can see by profile picture.


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Dec 2, 2016
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Texas USA
Although I could dial in a pretty decent sound with the Orange amplifiers I've tried, I could never commit to one because, well, it's orange! They just always reminded me of 70s kitchens and fast food joints. ‍♂️
(Yes, even the black ones with the orange Grill. But I'm just superficial that way.)
I could make a Marshall sound like an Orange a lot easier than I could make an Orange sound like a Marshall, although they are similar enough to be cousins, to my ear anyway. The mids are just moved over a bit)


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Oct 19, 2015
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jube: In the jube you have to share the EQ so either you set the eq for the drive channel and live with the results on clean or vice versa.. this can lead to frustration, but can be managed if so with a more complex setup (I use the jube with a G-system which can balance channel volumes and eq). . eq on the jube however has more overall control and effect than ad30 (you may just not like the same effect on both channels..lol)..

ad30: the ad30HTC is a true two channel amp so otoh has separate eq, gain and volume for the each channel so it is more flexible in that respect, so a clean/dirty channel setup is really simple to setup.. can easily setup a passable fender clean and classic crunch on ch1/2...not possible on jube due to shared eq. there is not a lot of clean clean volume on the ad30 but if you accept hairy cleans then it will be fine at most volumes.. ch1 is the original ad30 channel and ch2 is noticeably brighter and has more gain..

overall tone:
tonally, the low mids are less cut in Orange amps than in Marshall designs so no Orange is ever going to sound 100% like (say) a JCM800 without extra help, but they do have an addictive character. With power tube saturation being a key part of the sound they need volume or attenuation to give their best, but can sound muddy/confused to some depending on guitar/setup/cab/positioning/volume. both tend to sound compressed.

i doubt that you would be disappointed in either amp.. pretty much as different as you can get..

Thank you. I would be using an attenuator. How do the cleans and drive compare between the two?

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Aug 17, 2017
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....but all of you guys saying it sounds good clean I just don't get. It sounds like my DSL40C clean. Very sterile and flat.

A lot of that is the character of EL34s run linear. Also speakers play a role.

You could try experimenting with 6L6s in your 2525 and scoop out the mids on the eq.

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