Jimmy Page on His Vision for Led Zeppelin

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    So, now you can get:

    Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page (autobiography)
    Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin (autobiography)

    & now:

    Jimmy Page: The Anthology

    I guess if you want some good insight to the band, he's been working on it.

    From the interview, it seems like he's pretty forthright, in giving his perspective, although, his view of In Through the Out Door, seems a little off based w/ reality.

    Still, good stuff to read from his perspective. I like the fact that he's not trying to write a comic book soap opera, or reality show version of the band. He was always smart in that way. He was protective of the band's reputation during the day & hired Peter Grant to put a tight detail on that. That used to be the standard w/ blockbuster stars, even in Hollywood. People thought higher of them back then.

    I'm not a fan of Rolling Stone mag, but, funny is when Jimmy makes reference to history - "you're RS", somewhat calling them out. They gave Zep bad reviews back in the day. They recount nowdays, how Zep tore up the States when they hit the road early on, but, I remember reading reviews, of their early Frisco shows, saying that they were 4 members playing 4 different songs at most times, saying they were a disaster, etc. That's why Jimmy (& the band) always hated the press...

    I'll have to look up those books.

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