jimi's birthday 27th november

Discussion in 'The Cellar' started by slide222, Nov 22, 2019.

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    even today with all what we've heard from other guitarists , and many have been absolutely superb, still I have something in my heart for his style and how he commanded it and how stroked the guitar with passion, hearing him, being a young teen I wanted to play like him and get those sounds , nobody else around played like that ,and i wanted to play with that beauty and I refere mostly to his later music which was my preference ,that's what I learned not hey joe,great as it was he crammed so much in in such a short time , 67 , with are you experianced ,hard rock, a dynamic way of playing the blues and had a loverly way of making it look so easy , but my favourite era is straight ahead , earth blues , rainbow bridge ,message to love ,the band of the gypsy's, was really heading somewhere , but we will never know and what we're seeing now in life , climate change/global warming, greed , lower values of love and care generally its like he was 50 years ahead of time , rock on jimi
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    I'm always being asked to play red house at jams so last night I thought I'd put on the elongated speeding up version from Hendrix in the West and cop a few licks. Ha! I was so far out of my depth I couldn't even see the surface.
    I've learned a few of his studio cuts note for note mainly as a teaching aid (and because when people play the first phrase of Jimi solo then go off and do their own thing it annoys me) and usually they're do-able or at least reasonably fakeable. Get him live on a good night (and they weren't all good) though and I don't care who you are you don't have a prayer. How he put that much energy and feeling into his playing and sustained it for a whole night is unfathomable.
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