JCM 900 2100 vs. JCM 25/50 Jubilee 2555

Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by JeffP-SD, Aug 3, 2020.

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    Hi, the 2100 is a 100w 1990 and the Jubilee is a 50w 1987, however I was told both of these were somewhat similar in the preamp stages (clipping diode), but has anyone else shot these two out? Thoughts? The Bass seemed to be more prominent in the Jubilee, almost the headroom a 6L6 would have. When the gain was dimed out they seemed somewhat close. I’ll continue messing with them at louder volumes. May have to get the GoPro out! Thanks.
    (Both out of the 900 4x12 w/ 75w speakers)

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    Since you are able to play them both and record them, it is completely your own opinion based on your likes amd style. The Jubilee does have a very responsive EQ unlike any other Marshall. Also, since it is a 1987 there may be some collectibility to it if that appeals to you at all.
    Are these amps you aare debating buying or you already own both?
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    The preamp based distortion may be brought to sound pretty similar, although circuit-wise they are pretty different. People always tend to say, oh, it has clipping diodes, must sound the same as the other one that has clipping diodes, too.
    The Jubilee has by far the more effective tone stack - you may like it or not.

    The Jubilee's preamp circuit is something rather unique, whereas the preamp circuit of the 2100 is a classic 2203/2204 topology, slightly altered, and with the clipping diodes to add more distortion.

    I have never played a 2100, but I have tried and tested some rather simple mods to get more gain and distortion out of the classic 2203/2204 preamp, to get into 80s hot rodded territory, that don't need the help of clipping diodes.
    That's not to say, the 2100 doesn't sound good!
    In fact I ADORE the Jubilee, and love the fact how it gets its sound (namely through clipping diodes at least for a greater part).
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