JCM 800 2205 info needed

Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by hunter008, Nov 30, 2020.

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    I don't fall into the diode clipping hater crowd..Most diode clipper haters have giant pedal boards full of silicon all the while they wave the all tube signal path flag. I'm of the "let my ears decide" crowd.

    The trick with a stock, healthy later version 2205 is to have the boost channel volume up over half, and to not over gain it. I Consider it a one channel amp.
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    Yup, my advice for most Marshall amps.
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    As Gunner64 has already pointed out, the Boost Channel Volume should be set to more than half. I would personally advocate to set it to not below 8.

    Why? The amp opens up and sounds less compressed. Also it sends more signal into the last gain stage, which "warms" up the signal after the diode clipping circuit.

    The gain beyond 8.5 makes it compressed, squishy and fizzy. If you need more distortion, use a boost or OD pedal.

    The problem I hear in many of the 2205/2210 videos is either crappy audio or suboptimal settings, like channel volume too low, gain too high or trying to be too conventional with the tone settings (everything on 5? WTF!!!)

    It takes some time to make this amp work for oneself, but it is worth it. It is not the kind of amp that sounds good, no matter the settings.
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    I think he's got me beat, at least as far as Marshalls go! :eek:

    I run my 2205 with the following settings:
    Presence 4
    Bass 10
    Mids 6
    Treble 3-5 (depending on the tone I'm after, but I usually stick to just above 3)
    Channel Volume 6-7 (it goes from damn quiet at 5 to really loud at 7, at least on mine)
    Gain 10
    Master volume as needed but truthfully I mostly use it somewhere around 2. I just play at home and that's plenty loud.

    I think it sounds pretty great with the gain maxed out, in the room at least. Sometimes I do roll it back to 8-ish and use an SD-1 or tubescreamer in front though. Similar amount of gain, different texture. I like to experiment.

    Then on the normal channel, to keep it balanced with the boost channel for volume, it's like
    Bass 10
    Treble 5
    Volume 1

    I rarely use the normal channel though, it's not bad but it's not exceptional either. Too bright for me most of the time, probably would be better if I could turn it up. It's also very uncompressed, great for dynamics, but I don't love it because if I dial in the volume for some clean picking, then start strumming, it's suddenly too loud.
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    Thanks for all the info guys. I'm currently playing through a Marshall Valvestate 8100.
    I also have a mesa Boogie 50/50 power amp with an ADA MP1 still have to get an effects processor for that 1.
    And thanks to my friend I also have an amp I used to own. It's getting fixed at the moment but it's a 1970ish Fender bandmaster reverb.
    Can't wait to get that 1 back. Hopefully I can track down the JCM800. I always wanted that amp.
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    Diode clipping = deep discussion . I am trying study further the types of diodes and types of circuits , particularly the hard clipping like the Rat and others. My guitar legend uses the 2205 and I had one briefly . It has a great lead tone to me. I quickly returned but not for the tone , more for the fear of how badly someone treated it prior.

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