ISO: Marshall 1984A in brown grill cloth - working condition, but rough looking is not a problem!

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    Hey all!!! I am in a search of a Marshall bass cab - the 1984A with that brown grill cloth. Trying to match it with my 1552 that has the same grill cloth. My poor 1552 looks rough, so a rough looking 1984A would actually be better for me (it says it was well loved and played out - and touring is hard on gear!). I am weirdly more concerned about the color matching as I can get the speakers repaired if needed (though I'd prefer not to go that route of course). I am open for both the 320 watt and 400 watt variants as I am actually.... wait for it.... using this rig for bass with my SuperBass amp. LOL! 320 would probably lend more towards my grindy tone, a 400 is just as well as long as I match the cab properly and it doesn't annoy me over time (because it will!)

    Located in Atlanta, GA. I can broker shipping or depending on where I find one, either get it myself or have someone else do it for me.

    Thanks all!!!

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