Ibanez Rgee521zc


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Jan 25, 2010
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San Bruno,CA
Sorry the model is actually rgew521zc
I recently bought an ibanez rgat62 and am really liking it. It came loaded with dimarzios tone zone and air norton pups. Now I just saw this ibanez rg exotic wood guitar. There are two versions. One with a flamed maple top and the other has a ziricote top which is the one I'm interested in. It has a roasted maple neck and also come with the tone zone and air norton set up. What really has me interested is the price point which is only $699.00! Wonder if anyone has seen these or played one and what your thoughts on these are? My rga has a neck through design, this new one is a bolt on but I have no issues with that. I don't have a pic but it is on the ibanez website under rg standard guitars.