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    yes my jcm900 cab has g12t-75's too ,and i hear nothing but great things about these speakers ,and that they r yngwie malmsteen's favorite speakers ,i plan on keeping mine also but part of me starting up my guitar hobby again is experimenting with different speakers .
    whoa ! what is that? lemme guess 1960's?what are the specs in that monster?
    like what type speakers ,what kind of tubes ,what are the cabs and head called and what year are they from?
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    As of today, I found a 1960B bottom to match my 1960A. They're both JCM800 series and both are loaded with G12T75s. I officially join the Full Marshall Stack in a bedroom club today.

    My plan for both cabinets is that they are going to get recovered and made into exact cosmetic replicas of late 60s examples complete with gold string and pinstripe grill cloth. In purple levant with gold trim. A stylistic match for the cabinet for my currently-under-restoration 1973 Superlead.

    I want this stack to be as sharp looking as is possible because it's going to be my showpiece for some guitar shows and expo's as I intend to be exhibiting
    my repro Marshall JMP metal panels. And...if I get that far by then...also showcasing the "above and beyond the call of duty" chassis restorations that I plan to start offering soon as well. (I can patch any drilled or cut hole in any Marshall chassis and restore it as new condition. But it's very labor intensive and requires full strip-down of the chassis.)

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