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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Solid State, Sep 18, 2020.

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    So I've read that the Floyd Rose Special is the lesser of the Floyd Rose trems. The new HM Strats finally came out in a black and I'm sorely tempted but I've read the trem is trash. Who has actually owned a Special and was it bad or is it like so many things in the guitar world, judged based on price?
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    I have no experience with one, and cannot answer
    best of luck someone here should have some experience with your question.
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    The Special seems to be hamstrung by cheap soft metal construction throughout (inc. posts).
    This guy cites wobbly arm, dulled knife edges and damage to saddle string clamps.

    This guy says the same.

    All the positive reviews I found were posted immediately after installation or at new purchase if stock, so they are no measure of how they wear.

    If the HM Strat is definitely what you want, you should maybe budget for a Floyd Rose Original to be fitted (£300 + fitting).
    The Schaller tremolos (not Lockmeister) are cheaper than Floyd Originals (about half price) and have replaceable knife edges.
    The Schaller one is basically what I have in my 1989 Charvel Fusion.
    I only got the guitar about 4 years ago, so someone else had the privilege of abusing the Schaller for the previous 37 years!
    It looks all original and I had no problems with it before I blocked it.
    I am really a hardtail user, so I after about a year I changed the block to a Big Brass and double blocked the trem.
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    It's a cost cut item. It shaves like $100 off the cost of the guitar.

    There's a bunch of original-or-better grade offerings from Gotoh and Schaller in the $120 to 200ish range though.... I wouldn't get OFR because OFR has its own problems, like crappy lock blocks on the saddles (the titanium upgrade resolves that, but that's another $30 for 6 parts that fit in a teaspoon)

    Everybody who has it seems to looooove the Japanese Gotoh 1996t.
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