Heritage G12H (30w 55Hz) and Heritage G12M (20w 75Hz) Greenbacks in 2x12 Cabinet


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Jun 15, 2021
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I’m thinking about installing a G12H and G12M (both heritage editions if I can get my hands on any) in a SV 2x12 Marshall cabinet. I haven’t gotten my rig yet and am planning on keeping the stock speakers (which are Celestion V-Types) for a bit to see if I am happy with the tone I get. I may end up deciding to eventually switch those speaker out. Has anyone here tried the set of speakers mentioned in the title in a 2x12 cabinet? Any input would be helpful. I’m really curious as to how these speakers would compliment eachother given their different wattages and tones and if it’s worth the extra money and effort to replace the stock speakers.

ken Tucky

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Sep 17, 2021
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Haven't tried them together as I myself don't like mixing speakers. But I'm pretty sure the Heritage G12M (96db) will be buried in volume by the Heritage G12H (100db) as the H is more efficient. Perhaps the 55hz Heritage H30 mixed with the 75hz Heritage H30 in a 2X12 format may work for you as an option though. At the least in that pairing, the volume will be in line with each speaker enough for you to hear what the result is.

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